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Appendix Three: Process for Modifying the faculty Handbook

Here are the rules associated with modifying the OPUF:

This document may be amended in accordance with the following procedures:

3.5.1  Initiation of Amendment

A proposal to amend this document may be initiated:

(a) By majority vote of the Senate; or

(b)  By majority vote of the University Faculty Committee; or

(c) By written petition of members of the University Faculty who are not members of the Senate equal in number to, or greater than, the quorum of the authorized membership of the Senate.

3.5.2 Submission to the Faculty.

Any such proposal to amend shall be reviewed by the Senate which shall make its recommendation thereon. If it does receive majority approval, it shall then be submitted to a referendum in accordance with Item C below.

3.5.3  Referendum.

If the proposal to amend has been approved by a majority vote at a meeting of the Faculty Senate under Section B above, it shall then be submitted promptly to all voting members of the University Faculty for a referendum by e-mail ballot. If approved by a majority of the valid ballots cast, the proposal shall be deemed adopted and this document amended accordingly. Such referendum shall be supervised by the Committee on Nominations and Elections, which shall decide all questions and disputes arising in connection therewith.  The Committee may call upon the Dean and the University Faculty Committee, if necessary, for assistance in conducting such election.

3.5.4  Subsequent Action

If a proposal to amend this document is defeated, the same proposal (or substantially the same proposal, as determined by the University Faculty Committee) may not be initiated until at least one year has passed from the date of such defeat.

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