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Article XXIV. Miscellaneous Provisions

1. Whenever in these Bylaws a vote by ballot is prescribed, said ballot shall not be had by any single vote cast by any one person, or by a ballot conducted by mail, but by the ballots of all qualified voters who are present, including those participating by teleconference and/or videoconference connection, voting in such manner that it shall not be known for what candidate or candidates any particular voter casts his or her ballot.

2. All students attending the University and not expressly exempted from the payment thereof shall pay such tuition and other fees, at such times and in such manner as may be fixed by appropriate University authority as determined by the Board of Trustees from time to time, and the power is expressly reserved to such authority, at any time and without prior notice, to make such increases and changes in the amount, time and manner of payment of any and all such fees as to it may seem proper.

Tuition for all full-time undergraduate, professional and graduate students shall be determined by the Board of Trustees. Other tuitions and fees shall be determined by the President or other officer as designated by the Board of Trustees from time to  time. It shall be the responsibility of the President to publicize tuition and fee schedules and changes therein in appropriate manner.

3. The Loomis Laboratory of the Medical College shall, for administrative purposes, be regarded as a department of the Medical College, but the name thereof shall be retained and the Laboratory shall be devoted to the uses and purposes specified in its charter at Chapter 329 of the Laws of 1887.

The Board of Trustees legislation delegates to the Board of Overseers responsibility to recommend a plan of financial operation for the Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences. The President, under Article V, Section 8, shall continue to supervise, coordinate and control the expenditures and other financial operations of the Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences. The Board of Overseers shall monitor the administration thereof by the President throughout the fiscal year.

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