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The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

Article XIII. The University Faculty

1. Membership

The voting members of the University Faculty shall consist of the President, who shall be the presiding officer, emeritus professors, university professors, professors-at-large in residence, and all professors, associate professors and assistant professors of the several colleges, schools and separate academic units at Ithaca and Geneva, including those with courtesy appointments as authorized by these Bylaws and ex officio members authorized by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of that Faculty.

The nonvoting members of the University Faculty shall consist of the university professors, professors, associate professors and assistant professors in the Medical College, and those bearing the adjunct, visiting or acting title. The University Faculty may grant to any group of nonvoting members the right to vote on any question deemed by the Faculty to be of interest to such group.

The Board of Trustees may elect other persons to membership in the University Faculty, from time to time, upon the recommendation of that Faculty.

2. Functions

The functions of the University Faculty shall be to consider questions of educational policy which concern more than one college, school or separate academic unit, or are general in nature; and to recommend to the Board of Trustees, with the approval of the appropriate college or school faculty, the establishment, modification or discontinuance of degrees.

The University Faculty, or any college or school faculty, shall have the right to present its views directly to the Board concerning any question which may arise. Such presentation of views shall be accomplished through a committee of not more than seven faculty members appointed by the particular faculty, one of whom shall be the dean or director of the particular faculty. Such committee shall meet with the Board or a committee of the Board designated by it. The arrangements for any such meeting shall be made through the President.

3. Dean of the University Faculty

There shall be a Dean of the University Faculty who shall be elected in such manner as the University Faculty may determine, for a term of not to exceed three years. The University Faculty Senate may extend the term of the Dean of the University Faculty for a period not to exceed two years. Both actions are subject to confirmation by the Executive Committee.

The  Dean  shall  be  the  chief  administrative  officer  of  the University Faculty.


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