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Office of the Dean

Article XII. The Treasury

  1. There shall be a University Treasurer who shall report to the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and shall be responsible for managing the University’s cash assets, including short and long term liquidity needs; for managing the University’s external debt and for complying with related reporting and payment requirements; and for serving as the University liaison with external debt rating agencies.
  2. The University Treasurer shall establish and maintain the University’s relationships with banking institutions for debt-related, custodial, depository, and other banking account functions.
  3. There shall be a Chief Investment Officer who shall report to the President or designee and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President in consultation with the Investment Committee. The Chief Investment Officer shall have responsibility for managing the Investment Office. The Chief Investment Officer also shall be responsible for coordinating the University’s relationships with investment managers as designated by the Investment Committee.
  4. The Chief Investment Officer shall select and appoint outside investment managers and internal investment officers. The Chief Investment Officer may authorize outside investment managers or internal investment officers to purchase, sell, transfer and assign securities, real estate and other investment assets for their assigned portions of the University’s investment portfolio within guidelines established by the Investment Committee and to perform such acts with respect to assets held by the University as a fiduciary in the same manner as when held for the University’s own benefit.

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