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Article VI. Ofiicers of the Corporation and Vice Presidents

1. Officers of the Corporation

In addition to the President, the officers of the corporation shall be the Provost, the Provost for Medical Affairs, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and the University Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation. The full Board shall elect all Officers of the Corporation in accordance with Section 712 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, upon recommendation of the President.

2. Vice Presidents

Such Vice Presidents as the Executive Committee of the Board may elect from time to time shall have executive authority, under the general direction of the President as chief executive and educational officer, to administer such affairs or departments of the University as may be assigned to them in accordance with these Bylaws or by action of the Board of Trustees.

Unless otherwise provided by these Bylaws, the Vice Presidents shall report to the President, the Provost or other officer, as the President may determine.

3. Method of Election

All Vice Presidents designated in this Article VI shall be elected by the Executive Committee upon recommendation of the President.

4. Terms of Service

All officers of the corporation and Vice Presidents  who report to the President (or to the Provost or other officer as the President so determines) shall hold office at the pleasure of the President in consultation with the Board; except the University Counsel, who reports to the President and the Board, and shall hold office subject to the joint judgment of both.

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