Use of Electronic Devices During Exams

The Code of Academic Integrity specifies that no student may use, give, or receive any assistance or information not given in the examination or by the proctor. The existence of smart electronic devices poses new challenges in this regard making it necessary to clarify the authority of proctors and instructors:

  • Unless the instructor or Student Disability Services grants an explicit exception, students may not handle or access a cell phone or electronic device at any time during an exam. This includes smart watches, smart clothing, fitness bands, earpieces, or any device that has a recording, internet, or communication capability. 
  • During an exam all such devices shall be turned off or disabled and placed out of sight if so requested by the proctor.
  • All watches provided by the student shall be placed out of sight if so requested by the proctor and there is wall clock (or equivalent).
  • All writing instruments provided by the student can be disallowed if alternative writing instruments are supplied by the proctor.
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