4.1.7 The University Review

[This webpage is being edited. Until it becomes official, refer to what the current faculty handbook says on this topic.]

Review by the Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments (FACTA)

FACTA is a university-wide faculty committee that evaluates the quality and consistency of the evidence used to justify a recommendation for tenure. FACTA sends its judgments on each case to the provost, who is responsible for the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. To do its work responsibly, FACTA must receive the appropriate information in a timely way.

If a tenure candidate has held tenure previously at a different institution, the provost determines whether to seek the advice of FACTA during the university review.

Recommendation by the Provost

The provost evaluates the dossier, considers FACTA’s input, and decides whether to recommend tenure. If the decision is positive, the provost makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for confirmation. A negative decision by the provost is final; there is no appeal option at the university level of tenure review.

Confirmation by the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees considers tenure recommendations four times per year.  Effective dates for tenure are February 1, April 1, July 1, and November 1.  See the dossier schedule posted on the Faculty and Academic Staff Human Resources Policies page for due dates.

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