3.3.4 Academic Appointment of a Foreign National

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) provides detailed advice and assistance on the policies and procedures governing visa options and employment eligibility for international academic staff. Information is available at http://www.isso.cornell.edu under the Academic Staff tab. The ISSO conducts annual training workshops for those involved in hiring international academic staff, and will also arrange individual training sessions for three or more people. It is important that any academic department intending to hire a foreign national contact the ISSO at least 3-6 months before employment begins. In addition, if sponsorship for U.S. Permanent
Residence is a possibility, it is recommended that new academic staff members have a meeting at the ISSO to discuss options as soon as they arrive. ISSO will also meet with prospective new hires, if permanent residency is being discussed as a part of hiring negotiations.

Foreign academic staff members must be in valid visa status and valid employment authorization at the time their work in the United States begins. All letters offering positions to nonimmigrant foreign nationals must include the phrase “this offer is contingent upon valid immigration status and employment authorization.” Approval for tenure, however, is not tied to citizenship or U.S. permanent residency status.  Newly-appointed staff members must present their immigration documents to the International Students and Scholars Office as soon as they arrive at Cornell. All international academic staff members must have adequate health insurance for
themselves and their dependents during their stay at Cornell.

NOTE: Upon arrival, foreign nationals who will have academic appointments, must apply for a U.S. social security number. The ISSO will provide information on this application process.

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