The “Visiting” Modifier

The modifier “visiting” denotes a temporary arrangement. It may be used to designate a salaried, temporary member of the teaching or research staff who has the usual responsibilities of the position. “Visiting” staff members are drawn from a variety of sources, including sources within Cornell, in which case the individual has a “visiting” appointment to the particular faculty or program. Many have continuing academic appointments at other institutions; others with qualifications for professorial titles have held positions in business, industry, government, and foundations. Individuals with visiting professorial appointments are members of the University Faculty but do not have voting status.

At times, a department may offer space and facilities to a scholar or a scientist on leave and receiving total support and compensation from an institution or an agency other than Cornell. If the individual is a member of the faculty of another college or university, the “visiting” appointment should be made at the same professorial rank he or she currently occupies. If the person does not already have a professorial title, the “visiting fellow” title should be used.

Questions about such resources as staff support, office or research space, financial support from Cornell or the research program or about supplies, computer time, and the like, should be resolved for the offer letter before the appointment is made.

Visiting appointments, except for visiting professors, can be made for up to one year and are renewable for up to a total of three years.

The modifier “visiting” may be used with the following academic titles: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, professor of the practice, associate professor of the practice, assistant professor of the practice, research professor, associate research professor, assistant research professor, clinical professor, associate clinical professor, assistant clinical professor, instructor, senior lecturer, lecturer, senior scholar, and senior scientist.

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