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3.1 Powers

3.1.1 Powers in General

Except for the powers reserved to the University Faculty under Article IV-A, and subject to the power of the University Faculty to postpone or nullify any action of the Senate pursuant to Article XII, all the powers and functions of the University Faculty are hereby delegated to the Senate.

3.1.2  Specific Powers

Without limiting paragraph A above, or the other powers set forth in this document, the Senate shall have the following specific powers and responsibilities:

(a)   To select its officers.

(b)  To approve or reject the nominees presented by the Nominations and Elections Committee for election by the University Faculty.

(c)  To approve or reject the list of members and chairs presented by the Nominations and Elections Committee for appointed University Faculty committees, Senate committees, and administration or administration-faculty committees.

(d)    To adopt, amend, or repeal bylaws or other procedures relating to the conduct of its business and the duties and functions of its officers and committees.

(e)   Exercise of Powers. In exercising the powers of the Senate it is anticipated that its members will take all reasonable measures to ascertain faculty opinion by means of regular consultations with their constituency and other appropriate means, and that the Senate will keep the University Faculty fully informed of the reasons for its decisions.

Source: The Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty, pages 14-15

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