Educational Policy Committee


1. Consider matters of general educational policies relating to instruction that concern more than one college, school or separate academic unit, including, but not limited to:

Grades and Grading Policies

Preliminary and Final Examination Policies

University‐wide Academic Requirements

Academic Calendar

Class Schedule and Hours of Instruction

 2. Undertake any other tasks relating to university‐wide educational policy assigned to it by the Faculty Senate or the University Faculty.


The Committee on Educational Policy consists of nine members of the University Faculty, appointed by the Nominations and Elections Committee, for three‐year staggered terms. Insofar as possible, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall ensure that each of the undergraduate schools and colleges are represented. Two student members (of which at least one shall be an undergraduate) with voting privileges, will be selected annually by the Staffing Committee of the Student Assembly. Reselection of a student for a second term shall be permitted. At the discretion of the Committee Chair, student members of the Committee may, on occasion, be excluded from certain discussions and from voting on certain issues. The Dean and Secretary of the Faculty are ex officio members and are not counted in determining the number that constitutes a quorum nor in establishing the existence of a quorum.  The chair shall be selected by the Nominations and Elections Committee.






(Legislation updated 3/14/12)

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