Committee on University Lectures


The Committee shall administer the several University lecture funds and serve informally as a clearinghouse for other general lectures and scheduling.


Seven members of the Faculty appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Nominations and Elections Committee, with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate, for terms of four years.  Two students appointed by the Committee and the University Publisher as an additional ex officio member.


Adopted by the University Faculty, April 19, 1933, Records, p. 1793; February 10, 1954, Records, p. 2729; November 12, 1947, Records, p. 2478. FCR, May 16, 1973, Records, p. 4173C; September  1, 1974, Records, pp. 4310-11C; December 9, 1987, Records, pp. 6530-44C, Appendices A and B. Changed to reflect amendments to Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty, October 1995.

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