Academic Programs and Policies


  1. Concern itself with academic programs and policies which are independent of or extend beyond the single or joint jurisdiction of a school or college faculty except those delegated to other committees by the University Faculty or the Faculty Senate.
  2. Conduct an initial screening of formal proposals for new academic programs or policies including proposals for substantial modification or discontinuance of existing programs or policies. If, after an initial screening of a policy or program, the Committee concludes that further study is desirable, it shall so report to the Faculty Senate. It shall proceed further only after authorization from the Faculty Senate.
  3. Examine policies governing the use of, and plans for, University-wide academic facilities and services, such as libraries, classrooms and computers.
  4. Provide an initial review of proposals from all sources for new degrees and for the combination, modification or abandonment of old degrees.


The Provost is additional ex officio member.

One student member with voting privileges, selected annually by the Staffing Committee of the Student Assembly.  Reselection of a student for a second year shall be permitted.

One lecturer/senior lecturer with voting privileges, selected annually by the Dean of Faculty in consultation with the appropriate lecturer/senior lecturer association. Reselection of a lecturer/senior lecturer for a second year shall be permitted.

Except as noted specifically below the Committee shall be organized and operate under the rules and procedures governing standing committees of the Faculty Senate.



Adopted by the Faculty Council of Representatives, December 1, 1971, Records, p. 3995C, Appendix H; Amended December 9, 1981, Records, pp. 5445-47C; December 9, 1987, Records, pp. 6530-44C, Appendices A and B;  September 14, 1994, Records pp. 7340-41C. Change in nomenclature from FCR to Faculty Senate, October 1995.

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