Charge to the Committee

A. Examine and make adjustments to the relationship between the ROTC and the University. In carrying out these responsibilities the Committee shall, but is not limited to:

 1. Acting for the ROTC program in a manner analogous to an educational policy committee of a college or school.

2. Make recommendations regarding program, curriculum changes and establishing general University-ROTC relations.

B. It is anticipated that the Committee members may be called upon to participate in ad hoc review committees for instructional appointments, disenrollment hearing boards, scholarship review boards and other ad hoc committees related to the ROTC programs.

The Committee will make an annual report to the Faculty Senate at a meeting in the spring.  This  report will include evaluations and recommendations for credit for the military-taught courses in ROTC and recommendations on program changes for the following academic year as well as other activities of the Committee.

Composition of the Committee

Six faculty members, appointed with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate, by the Nominations and Elections Committee, the Commanding Officer of each military service offering instruction at the University, two administrators appointed by the President of the University and seven students.

  1. In nominating Faculty members, attention should be given to distributing the membership among colleges of the University and especially to representing colleges and schools with large numbers of ROTC students.
  2. Three of the students shall be nominated from, and elected by, students actively enrolled in ROTC programs at the University to represent the three services of the Air Force, Army and Navy. The other four students shall be selected or elected from the various colleges having students enrolled in the program in a manner acceptable to the Faculty Committee on Nominations and Elections. The term of office for student members shall be one year with the provision that they may succeed themselves for a one-year term.

Adopted by the Faculty Council of Representatives, December 1, 1971, Records p. 3999C, Appendix L; May 16, 1973, Records, p. 4173C; February 12, 1975, Records p. 4377C; December 9, 1987, Records, pp. 6530-44C, Appendices A and B. Changes in nomenclature from FCR to Faculty Senate,, and to reflect amendments to the Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty, October 1995.

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