Athletics and Physical Education


A. The role of the Cornell Faculty Advisory Committee on Athletics and Physical Education is to provide advice on how the programs of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education can best complement and support the overall educational objectives of the University.

B. The committee will consult with the Athletic Director regarding how to assure an intercollegiate, physical education, intramural, and recreational program of the highest quality. In doing so, the Committee will become familiar with and provide counsel regarding the following matters:

  1. Areas of continuing interest to Cornell and the Department, including admissions, academic performance of student athletes, and the overall programs, goals, and objectives of the Department.
  2. Issues facing the NCAA, ECAC and Ivy League.
  3. Schedules for fall, winter, and spring seasons for each team and the guidelines for leaves and absences for intercollegiate teams.
  4. The physical education requirement for students (including administering the procedure of hearing appeals from students regarding their physical education requirement for graduation). 1aring appeals from students regarding their physical education requirement for graduation).

C. In addition, the Committee will review and help develop in conjunction with individual athletic academic advisors:

  1. A strong academic advisement system for student athletes.
  2. A series of seminars for all freshmen athletes to cover library skills, study and reading skills, expectations of a student athlete at Cornell, etc.
  3. A series of meetings with the captains of the intercollegiate teams to discuss athletics and academics, and the role of the captains as academic role models.
  4. Procedures for working with individual academic problem cases.


Nine members of the faculty, appointed with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate, by the Nominations and Elections Committee for three-year  terms.

Two student members (of which at least one shall be an undergraduate) with voting privileges, selected annually by the Staffing Committee of the Student Assembly.  Reselection of a student for a second year shall be permitted.

The Athletic Director, the University’s Ivy Group eligibility officer and the President of the Red Key Society as additional ex officio members.

Except as noted specifically below the Committee shall be organized and operate under the rules and procedures governing standing committees of the Faculty Senate.






Adopted by the Faculty Council of Representatives, December 9, 1987, Records, pp. 6530-44C, Appendices A and B. Changes in nomenclature from FCR to Faculty Senate, and to reflect amendments to  Organization and  Procedures of the University Faculty, October 1995.












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