A.D. White Professor-At-Large Selection Committee

Professor-at-Large nominations are reviewed by a selection  committee consisting  of the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of the Graduate School or other representative of the President, the Chairman of the Program, the Dean of Students (ex officio member), and nine other faculty members appointed by the President for staggered three-year terms upon the recommendation of the Nominations and Elections Committee with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate after consultation with the past selection committee.

The recommendations of the selection committee should be referred to the President  for  approval and for action by the Board of Trustees.

From the Enabling Legislation:

    1. That a new category of non-resident Faculty membership be established at Cornell University with  the  title   Professor-at-Large.
    2. That these Professors-at-Large be men and women of outstanding international distinction, and include humanists, scientists, social scientists,  and  members  of  the learned professions; and perhaps also non-academic persons of broad  intellectual interests and high distinction drawn from  public  affairs,  literature,  and  the  creative  arts
    3. That, subject to availability of funds, the Professors-at-Large will be welcome on the Campus at  any  time,  and  would  then  have  all  customary  Faculty privileges.
    1. That the Professors-at-Large be appointed for a term of six years,  with  the possibility  of  renewal.
    2. That conditions of appointment be  that  the  nominees  (a)  agree  to  accept  the  formal title of “Cornell University  Professor-at-Large,”  and  (b)  agree  to  spend  a  minimum  of two  consecutive  weeks  every  three  years  on  the  Cornell Campus.
    3. That Professors-at-Large receive an appropriate stipend,  and  travel  expenses  for each  visit  to  the  Campus.
    4. That the total number of Professors-at-Large should not normally exceed It is suggested that a substantial number of these Professors-at-Large be from foreign countries.
    5. Vacancies in the Program should be publicly announced,  and  nominations  solicited from  departments, groups of departments and individual faculty members.  All nominations should be supported by careful documentation, including a vita with a summary of the nominee’s outstanding accomplishments, positions held,  honors received,  together  with  a  selected  bibliography  and  letters  attesting   to  the   merit  of the  nomination  from  internationally  recognized  experts  inside  and  outside  Cornell.


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