1.1 Departments, Colleges, and Campuses

Cornell has campuses, colleges, and departments. It also has programs, fields, and faculties. And then there are numerous labs, institutes and centers. The definitions are fuzzy but the following directory  covers most of the major academic entities.




Agriculture and Life Science Administration Departments
Architecture, Art, and Planning Administration Departments
Arts and Sciences Administration Departments and Programs
Business Administration Dyson, Hotel
Engineering Administration Departments and Programs
Human Ecology Administration Programs
Industrial and Labor Relations Administration Departments
Computing and Information Sciences Administration Departments
Nutrition Science Administration Programs
Continuing Eduction and Summer Sessions Administration Programs
The Graduate School Administration Fields
Johnson Graduate School of Management Administration Programs
Law School Administration Programs
Veterinary Medicine Administration Departments
Cornell Tech Administration Programs
Geneva Administration Departments
Weill Cornell Medicine Administration Departments
Qatar Administration Programs


In Ithaca there are seven undergraduate colleges (Agriculture and Life Sciences, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Human Ecology, Industrial and Labor Relations) and three professional schools/colleges (Law, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Veterinary Science).

There are three units that transcend traditional college boundaries. Computing and Information Science offers degree programs in Engineering and Arts and Sciences. Nutritional Sciences straddles Human Ecology and Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Continuing  Education and Summer Sessions sponsors courses from all the colleges.

New York City hosts Cornell Tech and the Weill College of Medicine. Cornell operates an agricultural experimental station in Geneva, NY and a medical school in Doha, Qatar.


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