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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

2012 Election Candidates

Dean of Faculty – One Vacancy

Joe Burns, Dean of Faculty Seat
Risa Lieberwitz, Dean of Faculty Seat

Associate Dean and Secretary – One Vacancy

Michael Fontaine, Associate Dean and Secretary Seat

Faculty Trustee – One Vacancy

Barbara Baird, Faculty Trustee Seat
Jonathan Culler, Faculty Trustee Seat
Ed McLaughlin, Faculty Trustee Seat

Nominations & Elections – Three Vacancies

Tom Fox, Nominations & Elections Seat
Steve Hilgartner, Nominations & Elections Seat
Alan Zhender, Nominations & Elections Seat

Senate-At-Large – Two tenured vacancies; 1 Non-Tenured Vacancy

Debbie Cherney, Senate-at-Large Tenured Seat
John Sipple, Senate-at-Large Tenured Seat
Sharon Tennyson, Senate-at-Large Tenured Seat

Ian Hewson, Senate-at-Large Non-Tenured Seat
Miguel Gomez, Senate-at-Large Non-Tenured Seat