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The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

Horatio S. White


Professor Horatio S. White was associated with Cornell for 25 years as Professor of German Language and Literature. He served as Dean of the General Faculty, and upon the reorganization of that position in 1896, as Dean of the University Faculty, for a total of 13 years.

Professor White distinguished himself as a scholar, teacher, and administrator, always loyal to the best interests of the University, and always helpful in promoting them in cooperation with the Faculty and with the student body. He was well regarded for his sanity of judgment, his unfailing courtesy and tact, his generous thoughtfulness for the interests of others, and his kind impartiality and patience in inquiry.

Upon his resignation from the deanship to accept a professorship at his Alma Mater, the University Faculty entered an expression of its gratitude for his long and faithful service.