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Office of the Dean

Cornelius Betten


Cornelius Betten arrived on campus in 1915, following the establishment of the New York State College of Agriculture. He was a Professor in the Entomology Department and also served in the administrative positions of secretary and registrar in the college. He served as Acting Dean of the College during Dean Mann’s absence on two occasions; and became an active leader in the resident instruction section of the Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities.

Upon William A. Hammond’s retirement as Dean of the University Faculty in June 1930, a vacancy existed in the Deanship until 1932, when the President recommended, with the Faculty’s approval, that Cornelius Betten fill the position. In 1940, he resigned the directorship of resident instruction in the college, and served full-time as Dean until his retirement from the University in 1945, whereupon he was named Professor Emeritus. Professor Betten passed away in Hamilton, Ohio on August 23, 1962.