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George Caldwell


Andrew Dickson White hired George Caldwell as Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, at the institution’s inauguration in 1868. He was the first professor appointed to the faculty of Cornell, and also the first owner of a microscope on Cornell’s Faculty at a time when there were only four in the entire town. Professor Caldwell presided for 34 years over the Chemistry Department, while it grew from a small class-room and laboratory until it taxed the capacity of two large buildings with a teaching staff of 21 – one of the leading centers of chemical education and achievement in the world. In 1892, he was elected to the presidency of the American Chemical Society. The Faculty early recognized his capacity for accurate and excellent work. His work with all University departments rendered him a trusted and valued adviser in all matters of university policy during his term as Dean of the General Faculty. Professor Caldwell retired in 1902, and passed away on September 5, 1907. His name is a memory of the early builders of the University. Caldwell Hall, opened in 1913, was named for George Chapman Caldwell.