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Resolution 126: Environment and Sustainability Major – Cross College Major (Passed 3/8/17)

Term 2016-2017
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted – March 8, 2017
Abstract Sustainability, the envisioning and implementation of long-lasting solutions to the earth’s environmental problems, requires an integrated understanding of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The success of approaches to the maintenance of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the application of policy analyses depend on understanding both patterns and processes in natural and managed social-ecological systems as well as the stories different cultures tell themselves about environment and climate; on the way in which they have been affected by histories; on dominant ethical frameworks; on political will; on economic frameworks; on their assumptions about human and natural agency.
Resolution File Cover Letter

Deans Funding Commitment

Cross-College Major in Environment and Sustainability

Summary, Background Report, Charge to Committee, Committee Composition and Consultations, etc.

Issues Raised & Responses

Title Proposal for Environment and Sustainability Major – Cross College Major
Sponsors College of  Arts & Sciences & Agriculture & Life Sciences
Reviewing Committee Committee on Academic Programs & Policies (CAPP)

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