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University Librarian Search

The Search Committee

  Gretchen Ritter (Co-Chair)    Government, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  Laura Spitz  (Co-Chair)    Law, Vice Provost for International Affairs
  Jeremy Braddock    English, Associate Professor
  Joe Halpern    Computer Science, Professor
  Dean Krafft    University Library, Chief Technology Strategist
  Xin Li    University Library, Associate University Librarian
  Barbara Lust    Human Development, Professor and Chair of the Library Board
  Mary Ochs    Mann Library, Director
  Dean Smith    Cornell University Press, Director

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The official search statement


A quick “state-of-the-library” summary:

Library Update 2015

If you have more time:

Video: On the Future of Research Libraries (March 2013 Faculty Forum)

Opportunities and Challenges 2016-17

Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2015-16

Association of American Research Libraries

Some things to think about:

The role the library plays in research across the disciplines and in the recruitment of faculty.

The impact on the library of open access publishing trends.

The library’s role in housing massive data sets that come out of experimental research in the sciences and engineering.

The conversion of library space into study centers, e.g., Carpenter.

The tangible and  intangible contributions of the library to the academic life of students.

Current major issues in library science―what are they?

The library budget―roughly how is it determined?

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