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Cultural Literacy

Some college-Level efforts directed at producing culturally-sensitive undergraduates.

Agriculture and Life Sciences

The CALS Human Diversity requirement.

Arts and Sciences

Geographic breadth requirement (GB): One course that focuses on an area or a people other than those of the United States, Canada, or Europe. Courses fulfilling this requirement are marked with a GB in the Class Roster.

Historic breadth requirement (HB): One course that focuses on an historic period before the 20th century. Courses fulfilling this requirement are marked with an HB in the Class Roster.

Industrial and Labor Relations

ILR Cultural perspectives


Some University Minors that might figure in a diversity curriculum plan:

Africana Studies
LBGT Studies
Jewish Studies
Latina/o Studies
Latin American Studies
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Asian American Studies
East Asian Studies
Inequality Studies
Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
Religious Studies
Minority, Indigenous, and Third World Studies
Near Eastern Studies

Existing training and learning opportunities from the Diversity and Inclusion Office

Some motivating campus climate developments

SA Resolution 57: Towards a More Inclusive Learning Experience  (2015)
SA Resolution 57: Appendix   (2015)
People’s School       (Cornell Sun, March 2017)
Save Our Programs  (Cornell Sun, May, 2017)
Cornell Sun (Sept 18)
Cornell Sun (Sept 20)
Chronicle of Higher Education  (Sept 21)
Cornell Sun (Sept 27)
Cornell Sun (Sept 28)
President Pollack’s Statement
Provost Kotlikoff and VP Lombardi
Black Student Union demands

More Readings

Experiences: Hamilton College , U Penn , UCLA , Harvard

The Complicated Process of Adding Diversity to the College Syllabus (The Atlantic, 2016)

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