The University Assembly Website Project

Shared governance is practically synonymous with communication and in our setting effective communication requires effective  use of the Web. This project is an experiment in how we might make better use of the Web to conduct  the  business of  the UA and its committees. The regular  UA website will be maintained as per usual while this project is ongoing.

The University Assembly has these bylaws, this charter, these  members, and these committees:

The Campus Infrastructure Committee
The Campus Planning Committee
The Campus Welfare Committee
The Codes and Judicial Committee
The Transportation Hearing and Appeals Board
The Ad Hoc Budget Planning Advisory Committee

Ongoing Business:

Consideration of a Campus-Wide Smoking Ban
Revision of the Campus Code of Conduct

UA Meeting Agendas:

Prototype  Sep 3   Oct 1  Nov 5  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May

UA Meeting Minutes:

Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May

2019-20 Meetings

Student Assembly
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
Employee Assembly
Faculty Senate

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