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Syllabus FAQ

Who has access to upload a syllabus for a class?
Security for the Syllabi feature in Class Roster is managed through the student information system (Peoplesoft). Users assigned to a class in any instructor role (PI, SI, TA, AA) have access to upload syllabi.

Are there restrictions on the file size or format for a syllabus?
Yes. Syllabi must be PDF files, and no larger than 16MB.

Who can view/download a syllabus?
Syllabus view access is determined when the file is attached to a class. By default, syllabi are viewable only by the Cornell community (NetID login required). Faculty may, however, elect to make a particular syllabus available to the public.

Where do I find syllabi?
Click on the Syllabi button at the top of the Class Roster and search or filter for classes of interest on the Syllabi page. If you are not already signed in before clicking on the Syllabi button, you will be prompted for your NetID and password. Syllabi may also be accessed through the Browse, Favorites, and Scheduler pages in the Class Roster. Look for links to available syllabi next to the Enrollment Information for each class.

When can faculty upload syllabi?
Faculty access to upload syllabi will begin in advance of each pre-enrollment period and continue throughout the semester.

Are syllabus uploads and changes automatically applied to all cross-listed offerings?
Yes, cross-lists are always included; syllabus changes will be applied automatically to all offerings. In step 2 of the process to attach a syllabus to a class, users are able to review the cross-listed classes that will be included.

When can I view syllabi?
As soon as a Roster is published, syllabi may be available. Check the Class Roster frequently for additions and updates, and/or sign up to receive notifications for classes that you are enrolled in, or have favorited. Manage notification settings for your favorited or enrolled classes on the Syllabi page, under Alerts.

How can I view historical syllabi?
Published syllabi are available to view in the Class Roster beginning Fall 2017. Syllabi are generally accessible to the Cornell community for a period of three years. When the Roster for an academic term is archived (roughly one year after it first becomes available), all syllabi uploaded as “General Public” automatically switch to “Cornell Community (NetID Required)”. Then, exactly three years after the end of the academic term, a syllabus can only be accessed by students who were enrolled in the class.

How do users access syllabi that are available to the public?
Syllabi coded for public view access are available only through the Browse pages of Class Roster.

Am I permitted to share or post online syllabi that I have not authored?
No. Faculty members hold the copyright to their syllabi, and students (or others apart from the faculty author) may not treat course syllabi as their own work, for example, by using text from syllabi or sharing or posting syllabi online.

Will a syllabus be posted for every class?
No. Each undergraduate college, in a manner determined by the college dean, establishes requirements with regard to faculty providing syllabi.

Are the syllabi posted to the Class Roster the final versions?
Not necessarily. Uploaded syllabi are meant to be instructive and as accurate as possible, but are not binding contracts with students. Faculty are free to alter or update syllabi as instructional needs dictate.

Last Updated: January 5, 2018 at 9:31 am