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Tobacco-Free Campus?

Currently, you are not allowed to smoke or vape  inside any Cornell building or or within 25 feet of the entrance to  any Cornell building. This is Policy 8.7.

To have a tobacco-free campus means that there would be a ban on all smoking and vaping on all Cornell property, e.g., all buildings, the Arts Quad, East Avenue, etc

University Assembly (UA) will soon decide whether or not to recommend to President Pollack that we have a tobacco-free campus. The UA intends to be advised by a survey that will be made available  to all students, employees, and faculty in September.

In the mean we invite all members of the community to share their thoughts on this topic. To provide a little focus, we identify three areas of discussion:

  1. What is your opinion of the current policy on smoking?  Post a comment.
  2. Do you think it is a good idea to ban smoking across the campus? Post a comment.
  3. If a campus-wide ban is adopted, then what help-you-quit or related services should the university provide? Post a comment.

Last Updated: April 14, 2019 at 5:32 am