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Office of the Dean

Representation via Department

Current Legislation

Other elected members shall be elected by each constituency to fill the number of seats assigned to that constituency. Elections shall be by secret ballot. All persons eligible to vote in a University Faculty election shall be eligible to vote in a constituency election. The voting faculty members of a constituency may allow other members of that constituency to take part in the Senate election.

Elected members shall serve for a three-year term.  A term of office shall begin on July 1.

Terms of membership shall be staggered, in the manner determined by the Committee on Nominations and Elections, so that approximately one-third of the total membership of the Senate (exclusive of the ex officio members) shall be elected each year.

All membership seats on the Senate (other than memberships at large and ex officio memberships) shall be apportioned among the various constituencies as defined in Article I., Section I. at Ithaca and Geneva (hereafter called “constituencies”). Each constituency will have at least one seat on the Senate, except that constituencies with fewer than five voting faculty members may combine with another constituency (with the agreement of both constituencies) to establish a joint seat. Constituencies with more than 25 voting faculty members will have a second Senate seat.

There is hereby established a Faculty Senate (sometimes referred to herein as the “Senate”) consisting of not less than 75 nor more than 150 voting members.

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