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R4: Designated RTE-Only Senate Seats

It is necessary to guarantee the presence of RTE faculty in the Senate. Thus, we need something more than just creating the option for departments to have an RTE Senator. That “something” is to have a number of RTE-designated Senate seats.

Current Legislation

There is one designated Senate seat for the emeriti/a. The individual is chosen by  Cornell Academics and Professors  Emeriti (CAPE).

There is a designated Senate seat for the Cornell ROTC unit.

There are nine Senate At-Large seats. Individuals are elected by the University Faculty for 3-year terms. At least three of the seats must be filled by untenured members of the University  Faculty.



We recommend the creation of one designated Senate seat for Librarians and Archivists. Cornell University Library determines the individual who will serve.

We recommend the creation of an additional nineteen Senate seats to be occupied by voting members of the RTE faculty. These seats would be apportioned among the Colleges approximately as follows:

Agriculture and Life Science – 4
Architecture Art, and Planning – 1
Arts and Sciences – 3
Business – 2
Engineering (and CIS) – 2
Human Ecology -2
Industrial and Labor Relations – 1
Law – 1
Veterinary Medicine- 3

The apportionment would be based on these numbers.  The Colleges would oversee the election of their RTE Senators.

We recommend that voting members of the RTE faculty be eligible to run for any of the nine existing at-large seats.



Last Updated: September 7, 2018 at 11:45 pm

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