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Legislation Regarding Senate Membership

The definition of  “University Faculty” is set forth in Article XIII of the University Bylaws. This is not going to change.

The University Faculty delegates just about everything to the Senate. But the University Faculty can meet and vote by themselves whenever they want, e.g., on matters that pertain to tenure-track promotions.

Who can be a member of the Senate is set forth in Article IX of the Operating Principles of the University faculty (OPUF). It basically says that you must be a member of the University Faculty to be a member of the Senate. That is, you must be a tenure-track faculty member.

The Article XIV of the OPUF explains the process by which the OPUF can be modified. The change must be proposed  and then ratified:

  1. A proposed change can be initiated three ways:  (a) by a majority of senators, (b) by a majority of UFC members, or (c) by a written petition signed by at least 50 University Faculty members who are not members of the Senate.
  2. Ratification requires the staging of a referendum in which all University Faculty members are allowed to vote. If the majority of cast votes support the proposed change,  then the OPUF is modified accordingly.

Last Updated: May 12, 2018 at 6:52 am