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Representation for the University Faculty, the non-tenure track faculty, post-docs, librarians, and other academic title-holders should reflect the deep levels of professional interaction that already exist between these constituencies. Given this principle, the Committee is  charged to assess the current state of representation for all academic title-holders and to recommend improvements where necessary.

The role of the Senate is key. Currently, only members of the University Faculty can belong to the Senate. All other academic titleholders (the NTT titleholders) belong to the Employee Assembly (EA).

If the current rules for Senate membership persist, then what can be done to improve representation for the NTT titleholders? Here are two possibilities:

  1. The NTT titleholders stay in the  EA and are  allocated a specified number of “seats”.
  2. The NTT titleholders  create a new assembly just for themselves.

On the other hand, the following options  exist if  Senate membership rules are relaxed:

  1. Departments could be  allowed to staff their senate seats with any person who has an academic title.
  2. Senator-at-large seats could be created for various academic title-holders.

The Committee should consider each of these (and other) possibilities, drafting enabling legislation as required.

In addition, the Committee should provide answers  to these questions:

  1. Who should be allowed to vote for faculty trustee, dean of faculty, and other elected positions?
  2. Who should be allowed to sit on the various Senate committees?
  3. Should a new Senate committee be created that deals with issues pertaining to NTT titleholders?

The Committee should submit its report to the Senate by October 1, 2018.

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