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Committee on Academic Title-Holder Representation

We are looking into new ways to engage ALL academic titleholders in matters of importance that concern the university. The committee has this charge and these members. This  Senate presentation gives a quick overview of what we are trying to do.

For background it is necessary to understand all the different academic titles  that we have at Cornell and how the thousands of academic title-holders are  distributed across the colleges.

Titles come equipped with rules:

Appointment length and renewal rules
– Research-student  advising rules
External funding rules
Promotion rules

Within the Workday system, titles are classified into various groups.

All academic title-holders (except  the tenured and tenure track faculty) are represented through the Employee Assembly. Learn how  shared governance  is organized through assemblies   and what non-tenure track academic titleholders have to say about the alignment of constituencies with assemblies.

If the Senate is to accommodate a wider range of academic title holders, then its bylaws have to be changed.

Track the issues that the committee is thinking about:

  • Avenues for representation in the Senate

As a departmental representative
As a Senator-at-Large.

  • Participation on Committees

UFC and N&E
Existing standing committees of the Senate
Creation of a new standing committee that deals with NTT titleholder issues

  • Voting

In Senate
In elections for DoF, Associate DoF, UFC, N&E, and Faculty Trustee

  • Miscellaneous

Awarding emeritus status for certain NTT titleholders
Procedure for changing representation from the EA to the Senate
Definitions and terminology
Mailing Lists
What the Cornell’s colleges have to say about NTT Titleholders

Anybody can  upload  comments and suggestions to these pages.

Last Updated: June 8, 2018 at 5:26 pm