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Understanding Student Accommodations

We are interested in understanding  the processes by students request an accommodation and how those requests are handled.

Disability Accommodations

Resources for faculty from Student Disabilities Services

Fact sheet for faculty on accomodations for students with disabilities

Accessibility Checklist for Faculty

Managing an Injury: Information Sheet

Faculty Member’s Perspective on Accomodations for Students with Disabilities


  • There is a growing number of students self-identifying with disabilities.
  • The area of greatest growth is medical and mental health disabilities which tend to be variable and episodic.
  • There is of increase in the number of students with multiple disabilities.


  • The increase of persons with disabilities on campus is contributing to campus diversity and broadening our understanding of the lived experience of students, faculty and staff with disabilities.
  • SDS is adjusting our staffing and internal systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our service delivery (e.g., new notetaking assistance options, exploring emailing accommodation letters to faculty).
  • Some departments/schools/colleges are seeking centralized solutions to effectively accommodate the growing number of students with various accommodations (e.g., Human Ecology testing center).
  • The increase of the number of students with episodic and variable conditions necessitates more student/faculty/SDS interaction about what constitutes a reasonable accommodation.

Religious-Observance Accommodations

Letter from Reverend Daniel McMullin

Religious Accommodation Request form

Policy 6.13.8 (Religious Accommodation

Religious Holiday Observance (Faculty Handbook)

Cornell United Religious Work

2018 SA Resolution on Muslim Holidays

Student-Athlete  Accommodations

Faculty Committee on Athletics and Physical Education

FACAPE Missed Class Policy

Sample missed-class time sheet

Title IX Accommodations

The Title IX Office

2017 Memo on Accommodations

Common accommodations:

  • giving a reasonable extension of time for submitting an assignment;
  • giving a reasonable extension of time for taking an exam (including having the exam separately proctored);
  • changing an assigned seat or small group;
  • waiving a class participation requirement for a reasonable period of time;
  • audio/video recording the class sessions;
  • providing class notes or lecture outlines;
  • excusing reasonable absences; and
  • Development of a schedule for a shared academic facility or equipment so as to facilitate compliance with a “no contact” order.

Factors considered:

  • the specific need expressed by the student;
  • the age of the students involved;
  • the severity or pervasiveness of the allegations;
  • any continuing effects on the student in the academic environment;
  • whether the complainant and the respondent share academic facilities; and
  • what other measures have been taken to protect the students and the community.


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