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Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

Research Policies and Guidelines (Vice Provost for Research Office)

Policy 1.2 Academic Misconduct

The CISER Research Reproducibility (R-Squared) Service

This service certifies the reproducibility of their study prior to publication and documenting it to make it easy and independently understandable for re-users.   The R-squared service will reproduce the results of revise-and-resubmit papers prior to submission of the final manuscript, certify its reproducibility, package the replication materials for dissemination, and create a catalog, DOI, and store its associated replication materials on the CISER Data Archive, should the publisher not have a preferred repository to deposit the study’s replication materials. CISER is a founding member of the CURE Consortium (Curating for Reproducibility), whose core mission is to ensure the future reproducibility of scientific claims.

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