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Policies at Other Schools

These are the AAU schools plus a few others. No link means we were unsuccessful at finding webpages concerned with  consensual relationships between students and faculty.

Cornell Brown Columbia Dartmouth Harvard
Pennsylvania Princeton Yale p162
Other Private
Boston Brandeis Caltech Case Western Reserve Chicago
Duke Emory Johns Hopkins MIT  CMU
NYU p. 11 Northwestern Rice Rochester (p.11) USC
Stanford Tulane Vanderbilt Washington U
Berkeley p.4-5 UCLA UC Davis UC Irvine UC San Dieg0
UC Santa Barbara UC System SUNY Stony Brook Illinois Indiana
Michigan Michigan State  Iowa Iowa State Minnesota
Wisconsin Ohio State Missouri Colorado Oregon
Washington Purdue Kansas North Carolina Virginia
Florida Georgia Tech Penn State Pittsburgh Texas
Texas A&M p. 14 Arizona  Maryland Virginia CU  SUNY Buffalo

Policies differ in detail, style, clarity, and user-friendliness. Here are some instructive examples:

University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Iowa

If we are to redesign the Cornell policy, then it makes sense to understand what other schools have to say about certain key topics. The following webpages are built upon selected excerpts from their published policies:

Reasons for Having a Policy
What is Inappropriate?
Pre-Existing Relationships
Alcohol and Drugs
Connections to Harassment Policy
Time Frame for Reporting
Power Differentials
Disclosure and Reporting
Teaching Assistants
Sanctions and Ajudication
Relationships with Undergraduates



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