Student-Supervisor Romantic Relationships

Below is a history of legislation and legislation attempts  at Cornell. If we are to revise our policy, then there is much to learn by studying the  policies at peer institutions and paying attention to criticisms of these policies. Also of interest is the AAUP  statement on consensual relationships between faculty and students.

Fall 1995

Policy  (This is the current policy.)

Fall 2015

Resolution on Romantic & Sexual Relations with Students

Academic Freedom & Professional Status of Faculty Chair (AFPS) Slides

Transcript of the November 2o15 Senate meeting.

Sun Article

How the Senate voted on the recommendations by the Committee:

  Topic Approve Disapprove
 Guidelines for Ugrad/Faculty Relationships  40%  58%
 Guidelines for Grad/Faculty Relationships  52%  46%
 Guidelines for  Disclosure of Relationships  40%  60%
 Guidelines for Conflict Resolution 25%  74%

Spring 2016

GPSA Resolution 7: Supervisor-Student Relationships

Reaction by the AFPS Committee annual report for 2016.

Spring 2017

GPSA Resolution 14: Consensual Relationships Policy Revisited

Sun Article