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Q8. What Makes a Disclosure Policy Effective?

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Talking Points

  1. Disclose to who? Chair? Dean? Someone HR or the Title IX Office? When should those in the recipient-of-disclosure pool communicate amongst themselves?
  2. Whose responsibility should it be to disclose?
  3. How should third-party disclosures be handled?
  4. How does one know when to disclose? Give examples. Should  it be the case that if you “gotta ask” you should probably disclose?
  5. Should the policy mandate a point at which disclosure is required?
  6. What should the policy say about nondisclosure when the parties involved are in a relationship that is explicitly prohibited?
  7. Should undisclosed relationships be treated as nonconsensual and placed under Policy 6.4 if discovered?
  8. Are there situations where disclosure “beyond the department” is unnecessary?
  9. Is it inevitable that a disclosure mechanism chills the collegial academic environment?

Proposed Prose for the Policy [11/13]

Nothing yet.

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