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Q5. What About Pre-existing Relationships?

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Talking points

  1. How might the following situation be managed. PhD student X and undergraduate Y are romantically involved at another university. X becomes a faculty member at Cornell and Y becomes a PhD student in the same Cornell department.
  2. How  might the following situation be managed. Faculty member X and PhD student Y, both new to Cornell and in very different fields , become romantically involved. Over time, Y’s research area has increasing overlap with X’s research area to the extent that a close colleague of X is now a member of Y’s Special Committee.
  3. If the above situations are “manageable”, then why is it not possible  to have a management plan for comparable situations that do not involve moving (as is in #1) or a slow-paced convergence of academic interests (as in #2)?

Proposed Prose for the Policy [11/13]

Nothing yet.

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