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Q3. What About Power Differentials?

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Talking Points

Suppose A and B are in a consensual relationship and that A has the potential to exercise authority over B.

  1. Give examples that highlight different levels of authority.
  2. How can  the policy discourage underestimations of the power differential by both A and B?
  3. How can the policy sensitize both A and B to the fact the power differential may lead to different definitions of what  constitutes ethical behavior?
  4. How may that power differential manifest throughout the full span of a relationship?
  5. How should A respond if B is the one pursuing a relationship and initiating romantic or sexual interactions?
  6. What about the argument that says many relationships in the workforce have a power differential so students better get used to dealing with it?
  7. Different cultures may have different assumptions or standards as to what constitutes a power differential in an academic relationship. How should the policy address this fact?
  8. Is there a correlation between the intensity of the power differential and the duration of its effect?

Proposed Prose for the Policy [11/13]

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