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Q2. What Constitutes Risky Behavior?

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Talking points

  1. How can we promote ethical behavior without chilling the normal socializing  that attends academics? (E.g.,  after-seminar get togethers, lunch, dinner at a conference, holding class in one’s house, etc.)
  2. What should the policy say about authority that carries forward in time? For example, letters of recommendation can be an issue for several years. On the matter of letters of recommendation, is there  a distinction between academic versus non-academic career tracks?
  3. What should the policy say about authority that extends far beyond the “home department”? (E.g., given interdisciplinary work, graduate students may have contacts “far away” from their departmental base. )
  4. What should the policy say about indirect authority?  (E.g., the relationship is with a close friend of the thesis advisor?)
  5. Is it possible to characterize situations where the power differential not a factor?
  6. What should the policy say about risky behavior that is exhibited by the student?
  7. What should the policy say about risky behavior that is exhibited by the authority?
  8. Should the policy explicitly prohibit certain types of student-instructor interactions regardless of context?

Proposed Prose for the Policy [11/13]

Nothing yet.

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Insights that are based on your own experiences are extremely valuable, but they must be totally anonymized if they are to  be posted.  Specific allegations of sexual harassment or bias need to be directed to the Title IX Office. More on reporting obligations.


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