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Consensual Relationships Policy Committee

The Consensual Relationships Policy Committee has these members, this charge, and this timeline. We  post informal agendas and minutes for all our meetings.

The current policy has been a topic of concern at Cornell  for the last two years. There is a history of failed and proposed legislation during this period.

The Committee’s policy-development effort revolves around a set of ten “Q-questions” that are assembled in the table below. Please visit the  “Q-pages” to see what the Committee is thinking about. You can also  post your insights on those webpages. It is  a difficult topic and we need all the help we can get!

Background Resources
Links to Existing Policies at Over 50 Peer Institutions.
Handy pdf Summary of the Q-Questions and Associated Talking Points
Rules About Posting Totally Anonymous Comments.

To respond to a question, click on the question…

Q1 Why is it important to have an effective consensual relationships policy?
Q2 What defines risky behavior and the “radius” of authority?
Q3 What needs to be said about power differentials?
Q4 How should a consensual relationships policy relate to a harassment policy?
Q5 What needs to be said about pre-existing relationships?
Q6 What about faculty-undergraduate relationships?
Q7 What about student-student relationships where one has authority over the other?
Q8 What would make a disclosure mechanism effective?
Q9 What  is required for effective enforcement and adjudication?
Q10 Are there effective strategies for managing conflict of interest?

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