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Consensual Relationships Policy Committee

The Consensual Relationships Policy Committee has these members, this charge, and this timeline. We  post informal agendas and minutes for all our meetings.

The current policy has been a topic of concern at Cornell  for the last two years. There is the history of failed and proposed legislation during this period.

To help frame the issues, we provide this collection of background resources including links to existing policies at over 50 other schools.

The committee will be addressing the questions posed below. We need your help so please visit these pages, learn about the topics, and help guide our thinking by posting your insights. Thanks!

Q1 Why is it important to have an effective consensual relationships policy?
Q2 What defines risky behavior and the “radius” of authority?
Q3 What should the policy say about power differentials?
Q4 How should the consensual relationships policy “interact” with the harassment policy?
Q5 What needs to be said about pre-existing relationships?
Q6 What about faculty-undergraduate relationships?
Q7 What about student-student relationships where one has authority over the other?
Q8 What makes a disclosure mechanism effective?
Q9 What  is required for effective enforcement and adjudication?
Q10 Is there an effective way to “manage” relationships to avoid conflict of interest?

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