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Review of Class Meeting Patterns

This review addresses concerns about the scheduling of classes during the week and how well that scheduling  aligns with teaching objectives.  The plan is to come up  with  something better and here is the  process:

  1. Totally understand the current system (enrollment data, physical space data, rules about 4:30-7:30pm, rules about evening prelims/teaching, compliance, impediments). This will require full consultation with the Office of the University Registrar , the Office of Space Planning, and all the scheduling experts who sit in the academic units across campus.
  2. Educate the campus  about the constraints and the issues. Figure out what everybody wants by using  the Web  and the assemblies.
  3. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the associate deans group, and the Educational Policy Committee participate in the process  all along the way.
  4. The Educational Policy Committee forwards its recommendations to the  Faculty Senate for consideration and a vote. The results are communicated to the Provost who ultimately determines what is enacted.

This Faculty Senate Presentation provides a quick overview. Some general  sources of information include the Course and Time Roster ( Spring 2018Fall 2018,  Spring 2019), Courses of Study (2018-19 ), the Instructional Space Scheduling Policy,  the Classroom Space Guidelines  document, the, 2013 Instructional Space review,  and a 2016 Classroom space assessment

Track what some of our peers are doing: Stanford, Harvard, U Penn, Columbia, U Michigan, Yale, U Chicago

To learn about the various issues and to post your insights, click on the links below.

T1 The distribution of 50m, 75m, 1h55m, 2h25m, and 3h meeting patterns.
T2 Classroom availability.
T3 The 4:25-7:30pm Free Zone.
T4  Evening classes and prelims.
T5  The unpopularity of certain meeting time patterns.
T6  Seminars and graduate-level courses.
T7  New styles of teaching.
T8  Special Needs in the Disciplines

Last Updated: October 26, 2018 at 10:35 pm