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Title Four – Article III

Title One. Statement of Principles and Policies
Title Two. Constitutive Provisions on Judicial System
Title Three. Regulations for Maintenance of Educational Environment
Title Four. Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order
Article I. Applicability
Article II. Violations
Article III. Procedures
Article IV. Penalties and Related Provisions

A. Immediate Enforcement

The President or a designated representative shall be responsible for initiating and ensuring the prompt enforcement of this Title. For conduct that violates this Title, individuals and organizations may be ejected from the University campus, property, or facility, or any part thereof by the President or his or designee acting in the following manner:

1.  When the continued presence of an individual poses a clear and present danger to the public order or to the security of any property or the safety of any person, the individual may be ejected, but only until a hearing before the University Hearing Board.

2.  In the case of an organization that authorizes conduct posing such a clear and present danger, the President or his or designee may rescind permission for that organization to operate on University property and rescind the registration of the organization, but only until a hearing before the University Hearing Board.

3.  The University Hearing Board shall meet to review such action within five business days after the day on which the alleged offense occurred.

B. Disciplinary Process

For procedures, this Title adopts the provisions of Titles Two and Three prevailing at the time of the violation, except in the following particulars:

1.  The President or his or designee shall perform the functions of the Judicial Administrator. In the case of service upon the President of any notice, including a notice of appeal, delivery to the office of the President or his or her designee shall constitute sufficient service.

2.  In the event that a violation of this Title should also constitute a violation of other University regulations, including Title Three, the President or his or designee may, in his or her discretion, determine to handle the hearing and appeal of all such violations in one proceeding pursuant to the procedures of this Title.

3.  Additionally, the President or his or her designee shall have the right to appeal a Hearing Panel final decision to the Review Panel on the grounds that the Hearing Panel committed a prejudicial error in interpreting this Code or rendered a decision clearly against the evidence, by filing written notice of appeal with the Review Board Chair within five business days of receipt of the notice of decision.

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