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Office of the Dean

Title Three – Article I

Title One. Statement of Principles and Policies
Title Two. Constitutive Provisions on Judicial System
Title Three. Regulations for Maintenance of Educational Environment
Article I. Applicability
Article II. Violations
Article III. Procedures
Article IV. Penalties and Related Provisions
Title Four. Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order

This Title shall apply to all students, members of the University faculty, other employees of the University, and University-registered organizations, except that those of the Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences shall be governed by separate regulations with respect to property and facilities of the Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

This Title shall apply to conduct on any campus of the University, on any other property or facility used by it for educational purposes, or on the property of a University-related residential organization in the Ithaca or Geneva area.

This Title shall also apply to conduct elsewhere if the Judicial Administrator—with the approval of the President or his or her designated representative in the person of the Dean of Students for conduct by students, the Provost for conduct by faculty, or the Vice President for Human Resources for conduct by other employees—considers the conduct to constitute a serious violation of this Title, in that the conduct poses a substantial threat to the University’s educational mission or property or to the health or safety of University community members.

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