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Title One

Title One. Statement of Principles and Policies
Article I. Fundamental Principles
Article II. Supporting Policies
Article III. Responsible Speech and Expression
Article IV. Amendment of Code
Title Two. Constitutive Provisions on Judicial System
Title Three. Regulations for Maintenance of Educational Environment
Title Four. Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order


Conduct of the members of the Cornell community is an appropriate area of concern for the University. This statement sets forth several basic principles and important policies regarding the scope, manner, and standards of regulating that conduct.

This Title is necessarily general. Its purpose is to inform the Cornell community of the general principles and policies upon which the Cornell judicial system operates, and to give general guidance to the judicial system as it handles specific cases arising under regulations authorized by the Board of Trustees, including legislation adopted by the University Assembly (or its successor) and approved by the President as representative of the Board.

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