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Learn About Free Speech on Campus


1. Free Speech on Campus  (Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman, 2017)

Review (Huffington Post, 2017 )

Review (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, 2017)

Chapter 4. Hate Speech

Video (November 2017 Cornell Chemerinsky talk)

2. A Guide to Free Speech on Campus (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, 2012)

3. What’s Wrong with the First Amendment (Stephen Shiffrin, 2016)

Review (Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 2017)

Review (Dorf on Law, 2017)

Video (Cornell Law School Panel Discussion, 2016)


1. Is Free Speech Really Challenged on Campus? (Atlantic, 2017)

2. How to Cover Free Speech Issues on Public Universities (Student Press Law Center, 2017)

3. Rethinking Free Speech on Campus (Economist, 2017)

4, Three Books on Free Speech on Campus(Inside Higher Education, 2017)

5. How Free Should Free Speech be on Campus? (Washingon Post, 2017)

6. Don’t mock or ignore students’ lack of support for free speech. Teach them  (LA Times, 2017)

7. Academic Freedom and Tenure (AAUP, 1940)

8. Multiple Articles on Right Wing Hate Groups on US Campuses  (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2017)

9. Can the First Amendment Save Us (Columbia Journalism Review, 2017)

10. Hate Speech is Protected Free Speech–Even on College Campuses (Erwin Chemerinsky, Vox , 2017)

11. There is No First Amendment Right to Speak on a College Campus (Robert Post, Vox, 2017)

12. The Classic First Amendment Tradition Under Stress: Freedom of Speech and the University (Robert Post, Yale Law School, 2017)

13. Chilling Study Shows how hostile college students are to free speech (Washington Post, 2017)

14. Junk Science: Experts cast doubt on widely cited college free speech survey (The Guardian, 2017)


1. The Santorum Visit (Cornell Sun, 2016)

2. The Gingrich Visit (Cornell Sun, 2017)

3. Student Assembly Mulls Hate Speech Ban Following Racially Charged Incidents (Cornell Sun, 2017)

4. President Resolute on Importance of Free Speech  (Cornell Sun, 2017)

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