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Hate Speech Working Group


The Hate Speech Working Group of the Codes & Judicial Committee is charged with engaging the Campus Community to draft specific language proposals for the Codes & Judicial Committee’s consideration in regards to Hate Speech and its relationship to the Campus Code of Conduct. Such proposals may include new draft language for the Committee’s consideration, draft language for the modification of an existing Code provision (such as harassment or similar), a proposal of no action, or other proposals that the Working Group reasonably believes will advance the discussion of this topic including analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of proposed language, how they have defined the scope of Hate Speech, etc.

The Working Group’s meetings shall be open to the public and the Working Group shall report their progress to the Committee regularly and upon request. The Committee retains overall control and responsibility for the Working Group’s actions and may alter this charge by majority vote


Conor Hodges (Chair) Undergraduate(CJC) Arts and Sciences
Undergraduate (SA)
Nate Stetson Graduate Student (CJC) Law
Aaron El Sabrout Graduate Student (GPSA) Law
Employee (CJC)
Employee (EA)
Risa Lieberwitz Faculty (CJC) ILR
Suman Seth Faculty (University Senate) Arts and Sciences



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