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Free Speech and the Campus Code of Conduct

The Campus Code of Conduct  is maintained by the University Assembly. The  Office of the Judicial Administrator handles cases when the Code is violated. There is a clear cut  process for making changes to the Code.

Passages in the Code that are undergoing particular scrutiny at this time  include these listed violations in Title Three:

To harass another person (1) by following that person or (2) by acting toward that person in a manner that is by objective measure threatening, abusive, or severely annoying and that is beyond the scope of free speech.

To assault or cause any physical injury to another person on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation or affectional preference.

And these listed violations in Title Four:

To use ethnicity, gender, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, or sexual orientation or affectional preference as a criterion for admission or seating at public speaking events advertised as open to the University community.

To disrupt or obstruct or attempt to disrupt or obstruct any speaker invited to appear on the campus by the University or a University-recognized organization.


Free speech issues and Code changes are being discussed by the Codes and Judicial Committee.

The Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate is also charged to look into this topic. The Task Force is in the process of being formed through a nomination process.

As the discussions unfold, it is extremely important to have an educated campus. Towards that end…

There are several books and many articles  on the free speech + college campus scene.

It is instructive to consider policies at  other schools.





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