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Student-Supervisor Romantic Relationships

Fall 1995

Policy  (This is the current policy.)

Fall 2015

Resolution on Romantic & Sexual Relations with Students

Academic Freedom & Professional Status of Faculty Chair (AFPS) Slides

Transcript of the November 2o15 Senate meeting.

How the Senate voted on the recommendations by the Committee:

  Topic Approve Disapprove
 Guidelines for Ugrad/Faculty Relationships  40%  58%
 Guidelines for Grad/Faculty Relationships  52%  46%
 Guidelines for  Disclosure of Relationships  40%  60%
 Guidelines for Conflict Resolution 25%  74%

Spring 2016

GPSA Resolution 7: Supervisor-Student Relationships

Reaction by the AFPS Committee annual report for 2016.

Spring 2017

GPSA Resolution 14: Consensual Relationships Policy Revisited

Background  Materials

Student-Faculty Relationship Policies

 Cornell  Harvard  Columbia  Pennsylvania
 Princeton  Yale p162  Brown  Dartmouth
 MIT ?  Chicago  Berkeley p.4-5  Michigan
 Duke  Johns Hopkins  NYU p. 11  Stanford



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