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Proposed New Process for Becoming Emeritus

During 2016-17 the Transition to Emeritus Committee studied all aspects of the process by which a retired faculty member becomes an emeritus/a faculty member. The committee produced a pair of webpages designed to assist chairs and candidates as they navigate the rather complicated waters that surround retirement:

Perquisites and Opportunities for Retired and Emeritus/a Faculty

The Retirement Checklist

They also recommend a revised “going  emeritus” process and a new title: associate professor emeritus. These changes require Senate approval before going to the Provost and Trustees for final authorization.

This  document details the proposed changes and why they are necessary.


By a vote of 5-to-2, CAPP has approved the proposal. (Opposition would prefer that all emeritus votes involve full, associate, and assistant professors.)

By a vote of 9-to-0 AFPF has approved the proposal

The proposal is now pending legislation and is posted for 60 days.

Approved by the Senate November 8 (Yes = 46, No = 6, Abstain = 1)

Provost Approval Pending

Last Updated: November 21, 2017 at 2:36 pm